Baby Doll & Chyna



  Power Trip Takes Titles and Ends Careers 



      Mickie James storms into Baby Dolls dressing room followed by Baby Doll then turns around.

 Mickie James :: What the heck was that?

 Baby Doll:: What?

 Mickie James ::  That Power Bomb. That isnt how I do things.

 Baby Doll laughs :: Mickie you signed a contrct. And now that yous a member of Power Trip you will learn to do things the way we do things.

 And attacking Punk out of the blue was your first lesson.

 You have to remember 2 very important sayings.

 First  Diamonds are forever and SO is Baby Doll.

 Second Power Trips takes Titles and Ends carers! 

 Mickie James :: End careers? Really no I cant do that.  I wont do that. 

 Baby Doll :: Well see bout that. But first you have to prove you can take the world title.  If you can do that then I wont worry about the careers part so much for now.

 Mickie James :: I will take that title from PUNK. You dont have to worry about that.

 Baby Doll:: Oh I dont have to worry. But you do if you lose you will have to deal with Brock Lesnar and explain it to him.

 Mickie James gulps ::  I said I will beat him. And I wont have to attack him or anybody outside a match ever.

 Baby Doll nods  and gives an evil smile before the scene goes black. 



  ( sorry had to change the ending to the last supershow as Mickie would not do that unless it was duing a match. She is the super face after all)