Baby Doll & Chyna



 JUstin Roberts is walking down the halls on his way to another of his famous interviews when he spots Mickie James kicking at some boxes. Obviously she is very upset so of course what is a WWEreporter to do?

 Justin walks over to Mickie James carefully:: Excuse me Mickie, but can I have a moment of your time please.

 Mickie James stops her tantrum,Looks at Justin.  :: WHAT!!!

 Justin:: What is making you so upset?

Mickie James:: What happened last night. You and the world knows I dont take short cuts like Baby Doll did last night. And then she had the gaul to say she did it for me.

And now she says this is a way of life I will have to get used to?

 Justin ::I'msure if you talk to her about how you feel about this she will understand.

 Mickie James:: I tried and she laghed in my face.

 Mickie James walks off .



"Here for the Party" begins to play as the fans jump to their feet giving Mickie James a huge POP!!! Mickie James walks out onto the stage followed by Baby Doll. Mickie James Skips down the ramp and she slides under the buttom ropes Mickie climbs to the second rope in the corner and waves to the fans as they give her another pop!.

 mickie James jumps down gets a mic from Baby Doll.


Mickie James:: Thank you so much.    

CM Punk I have to say I am so sorry for what Baby Doll did.  You know that isnt how I do things.

 Baby Doll:: Mickie means she is sorry I diont hurt you worse.

Mickie James:: Baby Doll your suposed to be my manager not get involved in my matches before they happen or even during them.

Baby Doll:: Honey I am here to teach you haw to be a member of Power Trip. Where we TAKE titles and END Careers!

Fans give a pop!!

Baby Doll :: See these fans still remember  How Brock Lesnar, Melina , HHH and myself took out out as we pleased week and week out. PowerTrip ruled the WWE and through you  our glory will live on.

 So Missy you better get on board the PowerTrip train and your career will be smothe sailing from here on.

 Mickie James :: I DONT take SHORTCUTS!!

 James Gang give a huge POP!!

 Mickie James:: You see my fans not PowerTrips respect the fact I do want to take short cuts.

 Baby Doll:: Did these fans get you this World title shot?

 No I didnt think so.

If you follow your instructions your a shoe in to win the World Title from CM PUNK.

 Mickie James::  I will listen to what you have to say but this attacking ppl when it isnt during a match wont be happening.

 Baby Doll :: This is getting old but we can give this a try til you lose at BackLash.

 Mickie James looks out into the fans:: Do you think I will lose?

 Fans scream :: NOOOO!!

Mickie James :: So Punk I am sorry your disappointed in me but after Backlash the only thing you will be feeling is the after effect of a kiss..... a KISS OF DEATH DDT that is.

 FANS give a POP!! As Baby Doll claps. 

"Here for the Party " begins to play as Mickie Poses and the fans give a HUGE POP!!!! 


OOC Good Luck CM Punk