Baby Doll & Chyna

your going over the top rope get used to that ideal





                              Over the PA "I"M HERE!"


  Jerry Lawler::: So who are you? Whose here Cole you know everything?

 Cole :: I dont know.


 "I'm Here for the Party" by Gretchen Wilson begins to play the fans stand up giving  the former WWE Champion a huge POP!!! Baby Doll walk out onto of the stage on crutches . . Then she heads toward the ring hop by hop.


The King:: Cole I got to go help her.

 Cole :: Do your job and stay seated.

 Baby Doll hops up the steps then while holding onto the ring and the ring announcer sits onm the rope to help her get in.


Baby Doll then moves to the center of the ring as the fans have NOT stopped cheering for her. She looks around at them smiling.

 The fans calm down.


Baby Doll:: That is one thing I have missed since I left the WWE. And that is all of you the fans.  


I always tried to entertain you and you always seemed to have respected me for that even during my  times without a title. And I thank you for that.

 Fans cheer.


Baby Doll :: I suppose your wondering why I came out here tonight.

 King:: Yes we are.  Oh Cole I know she is coming back to wrestle full time.

 Cole :: How can she? She has a broken leg.

 Baby Doll:: I am here to announce I am entering the Battle Royal at XE8.

King jumps up and down in his seat as he is so excited:: YES my dreams have come true. Finally Baby Doll has returned to a WWE Ring. The Ring of Rings infact.

 Cole :: Why would she do this after all she is injured there is no way Baby Doll will get cleared medically to wrestle.

 Baby Doll:: You see PowerTrip has kept close all of this time and we got a message from Soya requesting us to come back just for XE8. And he wanted so us to return as a reunion. Maybe a DX VS powerTrip for old time sake.


Well I am sorry Soya but you just got me.

 King :: We dont need Brock or HHH all we need is you Baby Doll.

 Baby Doll :: The reason you just get me in becouse Melina is having Brock's baby.  And HHH is the godfather.


Fans cheer loudly.

 Baby Doll :: Back to the battle royal.

 I have seen the list who have signed up for the match and I know for a fact that I can toss each and every one of them and many more over thetop rope.


Cole:: How you got a broken leg?


King :: Becouse she is Baby Doll. That's how. She says it it will happen.

 Baby Doll begins using the crutch to hit her cast and it begins to crumble away.


Baby Doll:: If I can do that with a broken leg I wonder what I will be able to with 2 good legs?

 KING :: COME BACK AND TAKE the world title.  God I love Baby Doll.


Baby Doll:: Anything I want.


Just remember


Diamonds are forever

AND So is Baby Doll!!


"Here for the Party " begins to play as Baby Doll begins to pose for a moment. Then she jumps from the ring to the ground then walks to the back. 



























OOC GOOD LUCK everybody in the Battle Royal.

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