Baby Doll & Chyna




Moments after Chyna comes past the curtain the roar from the fans can still be heard. Roaring for Chyna that is. Chyna smile quickly turns to a frown as Todd Grisham walks over to Chyna wanting an interview. Chyna agrees.

Todd :: Chyna I just talked to Michelle and she is claiming because she talked to her boyfriend Ted DiBiase Jr that if she doesn't win they are through. She intends to do anything to win this match tonight.

Chyna:: I don't care if the so called Power couple breaks up or not. Now that I know she intends to cheat the kid gloves comes off. I will be ready for her little tricks. Then I will start the lesson with a right then a left and end it with a pedigree. In the end Michelle will understand she has been taken to the School of Hard Knocks, and taught a very valuable lesson. And that lesson is you don't mess with Chyna.

Tedd:: But...

Chyna walks off to warm up before the match.

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