Baby Doll & Chyna

time to take out the clowns


  "HardCore Country " Begins to play as the fans jump to their feet to give Mickie James a HUGE POP!!

 Mickie James comes out smiling then she begins to skip down and around the ring. Then to the announcer surprise Mickie James skips backwards although slower then she had forward.  

 Jerry the King Lawyer :: Cole what is Mickie upto?

Cole:: I'm not sure but Mickie is about to speak.

 Mickie James finishes posing for the fans then jumps back off the middle ring rope.

Mickie walks around the ring:: AJ ..AJ  seems you and I have problems. You stole part of my entrance as I have been skiping to the ring for awhile now.

And then you say CM Punk has been dealing with ....let me get this straight "the same OLD Mickie James like forever now."  Really AJ?

 Until recently when did you even try to get the champion commitee even thinking about you for a world title shot?  You see you have to earn your shots and I earned every one of my World Title shots AJ.

Just ask  Brain. I had to deal ... oh Gawd brain fart .."with the same old TBK" at one time. 

Speaking of Brian yes I know you hate to be called Brian instead of TBK. When we last faced each other you seemed to be a bit more dominate and now your letting AJ  lead you around  by a leash.

Brian how is that working out for you?

 And Sting you think your scary waving that bat around and the face paint?

I have faced the demons like the UnderTaker and Pull Burchill and came out the winner.

Sting the wannabe scary funny man can you say as much?  I doubt it.

( tbc by CM Punk or AJ's Crew) 

OOC good Luck Sting, AJ and TBK0SJbluepFUkJTtcFgPFPxQ